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Tokyo Walks: Skytree Town

Attractions and its surroundings

Tokyo Skytree is a very attractive touristy place, of course, as it’s the tallest building in Japan. There is a lot of information about the tower and its observation decks and facilities. I was curious, of course, so I went to the Skytree as soon as I could.

I arrived at Skytree in the evening and discovered that Skytree is not just a single tower, but a big Skytree Town! Around the Skytree are nice walking paths along the channel to the Sumida River with fountains. Skytree Town houses a great number of different shops and restaurants. I wanted to see Tokyo at night from the observation deck and the illumination of the Skytree, so I took my time waiting for twilight.

One place that sold ice cream was very joyful as girls sang songs to the customers while preparing orders. It was really funny! Then I went to the souvenir shop and picked up a few postcards with photos of the Skytree for my friends. Finally, I went up to the observation deck at 350 meters high. The view of Tokyo at night was really grand!

When I walked back to Skytree Town, I enjoyed the sight of the illuminated Skytree and its surroundings, including colored fountains. At a later time in the year, I came back to Skytree Town a few times just to walk around or to buy something special.

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