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Tohoku Derby Live Broadcast

Tohoku Derby Live Broadcast

Christophe Audisio

For the first time, Fukushima United FC and Iwate Grulla Morioka fans in Tokyo will be able to enjoy a game between their teams..

Tokyo, The Hub 82 Akasaka Saturday - Jun 22nd Free
Aritayaki Yakimono Ichiba 8

Aritayaki Yakimono Ichiba

Kim B

Aritayaki Yakimono Ichiba is a store based in Ebisu, which sells a host of Arita porcelain pieces. Arita is located in Saga Prefecture..

Tokyo 4
Sushi & Bar Koto

Sushi & Bar Koto


Sushi & Bar Koto is a Roppongi dining and bar experience with fine Japanese seafood, a beautifully constructed bar and an ambiance..

Tokyo 4

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