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Shinjuku Pit Inn
A dive into Tokyo’s rich jazz scene
Shinjuku Pit Inn is one of the leading jazz clubs in Tokyo, famous for its passionate approach to the straight experience of watching jazz. Fans of the music form won't be there only ones to enjoy experiencing the Tokyo jazz scene.
Tokyo Walks: Skytree Town
Attractions and its surroundings
Skytree Town is a wonderful place to walk, to shop, to dine and to view Tokyo from the height of 350 and 450 meters tall.
Caribbean / Latin American Festival
Salsa and bachata rhythms in Yoyogi Park
Enjoy Caribbean and Latin American food, drinks, music and fashion in Tokyo's Yoyogi Park.
Tokyo Walks: Yoyogi Park
Spacious park great for picnics and a day off
Yoyogi Koen is a spacious park for outdoor games and picnics, and picturesque views with trees.
Box Charm Industry
Designing your own jewelry, one piece at a time
A visit to Box Charm Industry where you can create your own custom jewelry.
Showa no Kurashi Museum
Museum of life in the Showa era
Dating back to Showa period, experience daily life back in the old days of Japan at Showa no Kurashi Museum.
Try the fresh, locally produced vegetables and fruits at farmer's market at Ikegami Honmonji temple.
Ota City
Discover the most authentic Japanese culture
Ota, a delight for all senses. Discover the authentic Japan and immerse yourself in Japanese culture.
Tokyo Walks: Akihabara
A district full of meaning for the anime fan culture
Akihabara is a famous district of central Tokyo with lots of electronic shops and a mecca for anime and manga fans.
Tokyo Walks: Shinjuku
A big city in a bigger one
Shinjuku is big and a busy district of Tokyo, good for sightseeing and shopping as well.
Found: 2545 results