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MUJI HOTEL GINZA & Global Flagship Store

Ginza offers the complete MUJI experience in the heart of Tokyo

Newly unveiled on 4 April 2019, MUJI GINZA occupies a new 10-storey building that houses the iconic brand’s global flagship store, hotel, restaurants and more.

As the largest out of over 900 outlets worldwide, MUJI GINZA is the new holy grail for diehard fans, bringing together many of its successful brands under one roof for the first time, including its third hotel outlet (following successful launches in Shenzen and Beijing)—and first for Japan: MUJI HOTEL GINZA.

Entrance to MUJI GINZA
Entrance to MUJI GINZA

The flagship store stretches from B1 to 6F, covering a bakery and food market, and many of its beloved, signature ranges of clothing and everyday life goods.

MUJI Diner occupies the basement level, whilst up on the six floor, MUJI HOTEL GINZA's main reception greets guests, alongside its own WA restaurant. This sits parallel to ATELIER MUJI GINZA, a multi-purpose space that is part- gallery, library, salon and lounge.

The hotel's footprint occupies the remaining four floors above, showcasing 79 rooms that are designed almost like miniature Muji showrooms — making MUJI HOTEL GINZA one of Ginza's most attractive hotel options.

When it comes to appearance, the interior is fully aligned with MUJI's style of minimalism and environmental conscientiousness, with natural materials like wood dominating but also joined by recycled ones. For example, the hotel front wall has been repurposed from Tokyo's very own streets, where trams used to ride 100 years ago.

Look out for some interesting fixtures dotted around the place, like the steampunk wall behind the cashier on level three or the tall and colorful stationery-filled shelves.

Read on to find out more about what’s in store at MUJI GINZA or click to learn more about MUJI HOTEL GINZA.

MUJI GINZA – The global flagship store

The massive Ginza flagship store MUJI GINZA totals a whopping 7000-item selection across a floor space of approximately 4,000 square meters, with each floor dedicated to different product categories and experiences, thus offering plenty for visitors to see and do.

MUJI Diner (B1)

Starting in the basement, MUJI Diner caters to the morning crowd, opening at 7:30am to serve breakfast, full of fresh, wholesome foods with a focus on natural flavours.

A salad, buffet counter comes beaming with colorful vegetables. On one side, an open kitchen allows diners to witness the chefs in action, whilst on the other a Tofu Kitchen whips up freshly made Shima Tofu each morning, in the traditional Miyakojima style.

Fruits & Vegetables, Food, Bakery (1F)

The building's entrance immediately makes an impression, with some new MUJI concepts on offer. A fresh food marketplace showcases a range of fresh produce, frozen and pre-packaged goods and even a Daily Bento that is sure to be popular with tourists wanting to experience this Japanese tradition.

Daily Bento for ¥750
Daily Bento for ¥750

Inside the food section, you can find a juice bar proposing juices made from seasonal fruits and vegetables as well as ice cream made using milk directly delivered from the farm. There is also a tea-blending service counter — choose from one of 32 blends made from organic green tea, roasted green tea and rooibos tea...

Freshly prepared Ginger & Pineapple Smoothie
Freshly prepared Ginger & Pineapple Smoothie

The ground floor also features MUJI's new in-house bakery, where you can observe the bakers churn out piping hot pastries of classic flavors like Japanese wheat rolls, Kyoto azuki buns, and Honwakato sugar rolls. Fresh coffee is also served here—for those not already seduced by the tea/juice counter(!)—as well as an in-eat counter.

Fresh pastries are available at the in-house bakery from 7:30am
Fresh pastries are available at the in-house bakery from 7:30am

Men’s Wear, Women’s Wear, MUJI Labo (2F)

Here you can find the full range of MUJI clothing, including fashion items for both mean and women, as well as MUJI Labo – a highly minimalist wardrobe approach that aims to help customers have only the essential and nothing superfluous in their closets.

If you are visiting Tokyo soon, check out the label’s 2019 Spring/Summer collection which will introduce genderless clothing.

Socks, Inner Wear, Stationery, Skin Care, Make Up (3F)

Here you can find socks, innerwear, skincare, makeup and stationery. Also tucked away is MUJI to GO, their travel line of essentials such as hanging toiletry bags, neck cushions and travel-sized bottles that make your life on the go much easier.

Living, kitchen, Table Ware, Kids, MUJI BOOKS (4F)

Level four consists of home and living products, children’s clothes and a Customization Service booth at their Design Kobo (Lab).

Bring any fabric products bought the same day to be customised with MUJI's embroidery options, or transform your nondescript MUJI tote into something truly special. Threads of 8 colors available only in Ginza await your choosing e.g. Tokyo Station Brick and Tsukiji Hongwanji Blue Green.


If you are more into reading than embroidery, the MUJI BOOKS section here holds a collection of books carefully curated across different times and cultures. A nearby coffee machine (¥100) and counter space invite you to dwell with a book—so you know that it's definitely the one you want to take home.

It's a convenient spot to take advantage of the free Wi-Fi too, which otherwise stretches across the entire store too.

The fourth floor is also where you'll find a tax-free service counter, for purchases over ¥5,400.

Homeware and MUJI Support (5F)

Ascending, the fifth floor is a continuation of the home and living theme below and it is also where Found MUJI is located.


The sixth floor has many things going on and one of the most artistic. For one, here is where ATELIER MUJI GINZA sits.

The facility is design-centric and meant as a space for people to congregate. ATELIER MUJI consists of two gallery spaces to showcase various designs and crafts, including works by Italian designer, Enzo Mari, until 21 July 2019.

Elsewhere you'll find a library with over 500 design titles, a store, a lounge, and a "Salon" where friends can catch up over a cup of coffee, a cup of tea or cocktails.

Salon bar 6F
Salon bar 6F

Not forgetting the Wa Japanese restaurant where visitors can enjoy local tastes from all over Japan — MUJI regularly researches different regional dishes which will probably rotate on the menu every 3 months.

WA restaurant
WA restaurant (Photo: Nacasa & Partners Inc)

Last but not least, is the reception to MUJI HOTEL GINZA. Tying in perfectly with the classic MUJI aesthetic, the reception is fitted with an expansive eye-catching stone wall and the liberal use of natural wood. Classy and sleek with zero decadence.


MUJI HOTEL GINZA takes up the remaining floors from seven to ten. Designed with a philosophy of “anti-gorgeous, anti-cheap”, the hotel strives to be elegant without being extravagant.

Reception at MUJI HOTEL GINZA (Photo: Nacasa & Partners Inc)

The third MUJI HOTEL to open worldwide, the Ginza branch has a total of 79 rooms (all non-smoking) in 9 different styles to serve a range of needs and preferences.

Hotel theme

The hotel rooms take on the classic MUJI look that is bound to soothe your mind and body after a hectic day of scampering all over Tokyo for sightseeing. With the generous use of muted grays and white as well as calming wooden flooring and furniture, the rooms appear modern, stylish and relaxing all at once. In fact, most if not all things in the hotel room are furniture and fixtures sold by MUJI, which you can purchase from the lower store if you fancy them so much after a stay.

From Type A to Type I

Meant for the solo adventurer is Type A. The tiniest of the lot at 14-15 square meters, the room though compact is functional all the same.

Type A
Type A (Photo: Nacasa & Partners Inc)

On the other end of the spectrum, Type I stands at a massive 52 square meters. Biggest hotel room in MUJI HOTEL GINZA, it features twin beds, a living room, a reading corner and a personal library.

Type I
Type I (Photo: Nacasa & Partners Inc)

With each of the room types having a slightly different layout, the different types cater to a range of travellers.

The bunk-bed style Type G is perfect for a group of four friends, whereas the more classically-inspired Types E and F features beds on elevated tatami-mat areas to sleep for that extra authentic Japanese experience.

Type G
Type G (Photo: Nacasa & Partners Inc)

A hotel layout with a difference

If you look closely at the layout of the rooms, you may notice something strange. Unlike the usual hotel room layout, some of the rooms at MUJI HOTEL GINZA are rather long and narrow. This is because MUJI GINZA is housed in a renovated office building, whose long corridors have been transformed. However, the design team turned this constraint to their advantage as the high ceilings otherwise give the compact rooms a spacious feel.

The lowdown on MUJI HOTEL GINZA

Priced higher than business hotels yet lower than luxury hotels, MUJI HOTEL GINZA offers economical yet enjoyable quality accommodation. From Type A being priced at 14,900 a night to Type I at 55,900, the option is yours to keep costs down or to splurge. In addition, for every adult, one child (12 y.o. or younger) gets to stay for free. Furthermore, MUJI has fixed the prices across all seasons, including peak periods. Rejoice to no more ridiculous price hikes! Reservations can be made only from the MUJI HOTEL GINZA website.

MUJI hopes both these steps will help ease the frustration of using price comparison sites and dealing with price variations. It is what it is — and also why they only show tax- and service-inclusive prices.

For a MUJI fan visiting Tokyo, getting to MUJI GINZA is a pilgrimage not to be missed. But even if you are just a little partial to this brand, this place is undoubtedly the best to get the ultimate MUJI experience. Just be sure to have ample time to enjoy yourself here!

Getting there

MUJI HOTEL GINZA and MUJI GINZA are a 3-minute walk from both Ginza and Ginza-Itchome stations.

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This hotel has been much anticipated and awaited. They kept to their schedule impressively well. I look forward to investigating and experiencing firsthand (what will no doubt become) an iconic hotel and landmark in Ginza.
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Muji is one of my favorite stores and I'm so thrilled to see a hotel that exemplifies the Muji concept of elegance in simplicity. I've love a chance to experience it!
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