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Hanami at Home: Shari's Roll Sushi Bento

Beat the pandemic with a hanami at home

Photo: SHARI
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For many, cherry blossom season brings with it natural beauty that can transform many of Japan's outdoor spots into works of art. For others, the warmer weather makes it essential to grab friends, drinks and food and go hanami in the closest park.

Of course, 2021 has had different plans for many of us, with the Covid-19 pandemic forcing many cherry blossom-related events or light-ups to be cancelled this year. Instead, the home hanami market is expected to take over with new takeaway options being launched.

Hanami at Home

Ohanami Roll Sushi Bento (36 rolls, 12 varieties @ 4,900 yen)
Ohanami Roll Sushi Bento (36 rolls, 12 varieties @ 4,900 yen) (Photo: SHARI)

SHARI's newly launched Ohanami Roll Sushi Bento is available until April 30th in several sizes up to 36 rolls (12 types). It's exclusively for takeout from both its Mitsui Garden Hotel branch and Shari The Tokyo Sushi Bar near Ginza-Itchome Station.

The bento's colorful, bite-sized roll sushi is elegantly arranged and adorned with seasonal, edible flowers that capture the essence of hanami, while serving up 7 classic varieties alongside 5 new varieties of spring-themed sushi: Cherry bream, sakura-ebi shrimp, hotaru-ika (firefly squid), bamboo shoot and wild vegetables.

Enjoy a hanami at home with this fun yet delicious bento that comes in three sizes: 36 rolls (12 types) for 4,900 yen (suitable for 3-4 people), 18 rolls (9 types / 1-2 people) for 2,600 yen or 9 rolls (9 types / one person) for 1,500 yen.

In tandem with the new sushi line-up, both restaurants are themselves offering new courses and options on their in-house menus including the Sushi Roll Set comprising 4 of the new varieties plus 2 daily chef-recommended specials (2,200 yen).

About Shari

(Photo: SHARI)

Shari is a high-end Japanese washoku dining restaurant in Tokyo's Ginza district, found on the second floor of Mitsui Garden Hotel Ginza, not far from Tsukiji and Kabukiza. The more contemporary Shari The Tokyo Sushi Bar is another member of the Shari brand to be found further north in Ginza dedicated to roll sushi.

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Novia Mardasari 5 months ago
So cute!! I like the bento concept!
Susan Tumanon 6 months ago
Colorful bento box! Looks delicious!
Sherilyn Siy 6 months ago
The sushi box is able to capture the delicate beauty of the season and put it into an edible form.
Sleiman Azizi 6 months ago
It's a clever little idea.
Kim 6 months ago
Gorgeous presentation!