Kofu Castle - Maizurujo Park 11

Kofu Castle - Maizurujo Park

If you are visiting Yamanashi Prefecture why not drop by Kofu Castle. Its just a 3 minute walk from the south gate of Kofu station...

The birthplace of Kabuki 12

The birthplace of Kabuki

See what stage props were used to produce sound effects during Kabuki plays and experience first hand what it feels to stand in..

Lake Senba in Spring 11

Lake Senba in Spring

Lake Senba is a nice place to stroll or jog day and night. Aside from Kairakuen, other nearby attractions are Prefecture Museum..

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Kairakuen Garden in Spring 12

Kairakuen Garden in Spring

Kairakuen garden was built by Nariaki Tokugawa, the 9th lord of Mito. The name Kairaku means to share pleasures with people.

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Autumn Foliage 2020

Autumn Foliage 2020

Serena Ogawa

Learn about Japan's autumn forecast in 2020 to see the best places and timings for when to see the autumn leaves in Japan.

Autumn in Kyoto

Autumn in Kyoto

Serena Ogawa

Ever wonder what the best time to visit Kyoto is? Wonder no more! Autumn is upon us and with it comes Kyoto's loveliest season...

Kyoto 6