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Comfort and luxury meets in Ginza

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The New Hampshire-born brand synonymous with fun furniture looks further to cement its Japan presence with the launch of a Tokyo flagship showroom at Yogibo Ginza.

Opened August 2019 in the capital's luxury Ginza district, Yogibo specialises in cute, cozy and comfortable bean bags, making it no wonder the US brand has done so well in Japan – the meccha of all things 'kawaii'—where the new Ginza flagship leads an existing retail footprint of 100 stores, with the chain finding success in out-of-town shopping malls, like Aeon Town and La La Port.

Welcome to Yogibo Ginza
Welcome to Yogibo Ginza

The new Ginza store invites fans to step inside and experience firsthand the world of Yogibo, with plenty of space dedicated to showcasing the brand, its lineup and origins.

Second floor showroom/experience space
Second floor showroom/experience space

What differentiates the new Ginza location from existing stores will be a new Premium Series of products exclusively available here, as well as a floorspace almost 3-times larger than the typical Yogibo store, allowing potential customers to fully experience the range of Yogibo products before they buy.

Getting there

Yogibo Ginza is just seconds away from Ginza-itchome station (Yurakucho line) - take Exit 5 which is right next door.

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So cute! My kids would love this place!