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Michelin-Starred Ramen in Tokyo

In this video Rina and Brian visit the Michelin-ranked "Mugi and olive" in Ginza to taste their special dish: the Hamaguri soba. Its broth is made from clams and both the ingredients and the cooking whole process make for a fresh-tasting bowl of seafood ramen.

Evah Dining

Be good to your body with macrobiotic fare - no eggs, no dairy, no refined sugar - at Evah Dining in Fukuoka's Daimyo neighborhood

Dining Tabi

Chef Tanaka is a licensed wine-sommelier who trained at the best restaurants before starting here. Consistent with the theme of Dining Tabi, he adopts the essence of “Makanai Ryori”. He offers inimitable cuisine with using seasonal ingredients and the best matching Sake.

Cha no Ma Samurai Dining

Matsuyama is home to a chain of restaurants based on the theme of ‘samurai dining’. The food is a pleasing fusion of Japanese and Western styles, with good beer.