The Life Dining Bar

Kashiwa casual dining bar with local produce and craft beer

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Around Kashiwa Station and in the backstreets known as Urakashi, is an amazing variety of Japanese regional and international restaurants and cafes. There is something for every appetite and preference. For visitors transiting through the city, or looking for a leisurely place to have a drink and a light meal, The Life is a convenient and casual place to enjoy local bistro food, tea, sweets, and craft beers.

The proprietor, Mr. Morita, has been providing delicious bistro fare at The Life since 2018. He started his first restaurant, Marche Baton a few years ago, also near Kashiwa Station and hit upon this perfect location overlooking the Joban and Tobu railway tracks. It’s a brightly lit and casual space for lingering and chatting.

Above the main dining area is a roof deck open year round, not just beer garden season. The on-site beer meister can recommend about a dozen varieties of craft beers, both international and regional Japanese brews. On my latest visit, I tried two different kinds of stout by Japanese brewers. Although I’m no craft brew fanatic, both had good flavor and body and I’d try them again. The craft brews are served by the glass or pint so you can taste a few or commit to your favorite beer.

The menus change throughout the day, starting at 6:30 a.m. with sandwiches, rice bowls, and an extensive salad bar in the afternoon featuring seasonal produce from Kashiwa growers. If you come by for dinner, daily specials include pasta and there is a regular menu with light dishes. The restaurant’s dinner specialty is succulent whole roast chicken with six choices of seasonings. When the server brought our chicken half order, suitable for two or three diners, she showed us a laminated card explaining how to carve the chicken ourselves. However, if you’re not confident in your skills with knife and scissors, the servers can prepare it for you. The chicken was juicy, seasoned just enough, and served with fluffy charcoal-smoked mayonnaise and roasted vegetables.

English speaking servers will help visitors with menus. Last order is 10 p.m.

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Elizabeth S

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Kim a year ago
Love the menu board design!!
Sherilyn Siy a year ago
Can't go wrong with roast chicken. Looks delish!
Elizabeth S Author a year ago
It's juicy and flavorful.

They do a joshikai plan, by the way....