Canine Fashion in Japan

Canine Fashion in Japan

Early - Mid Apr

Pet ownership in Japan is at an all-time high, with lapdogs and smaller canines leading the pack. The Yoyogi Park WanWan Carnival..

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Old Hamawaki Station 8

Old Hamawaki Station

The hot spring town of Hamawaki no longer exists, but the little train station that served it in its days of glory is still there,..

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Cacao Cacophony

Cacao Cacophony

Craft chocolate is popular worldwide, and the appreciation and love of cacao is reaching new heights in Japan. Here we focus on..

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The Motomachi Buddha of Oita

The Motomachi Buddha of Oita

The Motomachi magaibutsu is a Heian-period Buddhist relief in the city of Oita, in Kyushu in western Japan. This visage in stone..

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