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On The Tea Ceremony with Chazen 2 weeks ago
It's interesting that this little tea room is tucked away in a building right next to the Kabuki Theater. If there are two Japanese arts more...
On A Red Umbrella 3 weeks ago
This is really nice. Beautiful images, lovely music, and the right story. Well done!
On Bizen Osafune Sword Museum 4 weeks ago
This is a really nice piece on swordmaking. Makes me want to visit Osafune/Bizen!
On A Vegan Eating Journey at Ain Soph a month ago
This is great information. I have quite a few vegan and vegetarian friends who have asked about vegan restaurants in Japan. I will share this...
On The Tranquility of Asakuchi a month ago
You are fortunate. I always felt bad for the foreigners who had spent years living in Tokyo, and had no connection with the countryside. The...