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Restaurant Washoku Yohira

Washoku Yohira is a hidden oasis in Shianbashi, Nagasaki's entertainment district. Housed in a lovely 140-year-old building, this wonderful restaurant serves traditional Nagasaki cuisine based on seasonal ingredients.

Japanese Dining & Bar Fuga

Promising spectacular views of the Tokyo skyline from the top of Prince Hotel Shinjuku, Fuga (風雅) held its renewal opening in December 2017 in central Shinjuku.

Kagura Restaurant at Hotel Richmond

Washoku Kanraku at the Richmond hotel is a perfect place to learn how to eat fish the Akita way. The peaceful music here perfectly complements the décor, which can be described as Sweden meets Japan. No bright ukiyo e designs, just simple and easy on the eye.

Breakfast with Ichiju Sansai

Breakfast with Ichiju Sansai

Traditional Japanese cuisine—washoku—has been registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity since 2013. For both foreign residents and tourists, it is one of the highlights of Japan.

The 8th Soy Sauce Recipe & Story Contest

The 8th Soy Sauce Recipe & Story Contest

Send in an original recipe that uses soy sauce, based on a dish of your country. Or put in your original recipe that uses soy sauce, based on Washoku (traditional Japanese cuisine) you have learned in Japan or a dish you feel tasty in Japan. Please attach a short essay or a picture describing your personal feelings or episode for the recipe.

Halal Foods and Activities in Kansai

Mabruk offers halal lunch boxes, luggage storage, short bicycle tours, and a selection of local souvenirs at Rinku Town Station, one stop from Kansai International Airport. Muslim visitors to Japan can now enjoy an authentic bento box. Why not store your luggage and enjoy a short cycling tour around the Izumisano area to enjoy your lunch open-air.

Bringing (More) Japanese Food to US

Bringing (More) Japanese Food to US

The Culinary Institute of America and Suntory team up to offer a course in Japanese cuisine at CIA's New York campus. Starting this year, the course also includes a 10-day field trip to Japan.


TOKITARAZU is hard to miss – its entranceway decorated in a traditional, white noren curtain and sake barrels, hiding a wooden lattice-style exterior illuminated by the warm glow from inside the establishment.