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M&C Cafe, Marunouchi

Hearty beef hayashi rice near Tokyo Station

M&C Cafe is a traditional yoshoku restaurant located in an unusual place. This cafe restaurant is on the 4th floor of the flagship Maruzen bookstore in Marunouchi. Maruzen bookstore was first established in 1869 and was innovative in their approach of bringing Western products to their stores leading to a cultural exchange for their customers. This branch of the store is in the Marunouchi Oazo shopping complex close to Tokyo Station. The bookstore is four stories tall and carries not only Japanese and English books, but also stationery and an art gallery.

M&C is known for beef hayashi rice (hashed beef rice), a hearty beef stew that is cooked for hours and has a refined and deep beef flavor. Yoshoku is a unique style of Japanese food that has Western origins and dates back to the Meiji period. Famous yoshoku classics include hamburger steak, curry rice, croquettes, spaghetti Napolitan and omelette rice. Hayashi Rice is also a classic yoshoku dish and is available at many restaurants throughout Tokyo and can also be found with ready made packets sold at konbini stores or even Muji. It is rumored that the founder of the Maruzen bookstore Hayashi Yuteki invented the original recipe. The menu also has other rice dishes, including omelette rice, beef or chicken curry, and pork hayashi rice. Soups include clam chowder and minestrone soup. There is also an extensive dessert menu including parfaits, waffle with fruit, soft serve ice cream, and a variety of cakes including Mont Blanc, chocolate cake or signature lemon cake. Coffee and tea drinks are available. The space is quiet and there are views of Tokyo Station and the trains

When traveling to Tokyo Station, M&C Cafe is a great place to stop for a light meal or dessert with coffee. The store is within minutes of Tokyo Station by foot. Hours are from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

Getting there

M&C Cafe is on the 4th floor of the Maruzen bookstore in Marunouchi district. It is within minutes of the B4 exit of Tokyo Station.

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