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Captain Kangaroo Hamburger

Massive burgers and more in Okinawa

If you plan to visit Okinawa in the future, you'll find an abundance of unique regional cuisine on offer which is well worth trying. Dishes like Okinawa soba and goya champuru (a stir-fry dish with bitter melon as the key ingredient) are a couple of the best known staples, but what if you're craving a big ol' juicy burger? There are plenty of options for those across the prefecture, too, and one of the island's top spots is Captain Kangaroo Hamburger.

Located around 20 minutes drive from major attractions such as the Nago Pineapple Park, Nago Castle Park, and the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, this burger restaurant is renowned for having some absolutely massive creations to choose from. Their menu consists of creative options like a Mexican taco burger, a teriyaki chicken burger, or the "sparky" burger, which comes piled high with fried onions and crispy bacon as some of the toppings.

Aside from the burgers, there are other tasty options including the local classic of taco rice, or fried chicken with chips. Drinks are also plentiful, with sodas, juices, iced tea, and milkshakes available to choose from – they've even got Orion beer for those who would prefer something alcoholic to wash their meal down with.

One important point to note is that this place is so popular that a line often forms depending on the day and time of your visit. It's not unheard of for the wait to exceed an hour at particularly busy times, so keep that in mind and arrive early if you want to be seated right away – they are open from 11 am until 5 pm daily.

Getting there

Captain Kangaroo Hamburger is best accessed via private vehicle, and is located about 20 minutes driving time from the central Nago area. On-site parking is available.

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Sleiman Azizi a year ago
Oh god, they look good!
Elizabeth S a year ago
Ah, the name got my attention because I was a fan of Captain Kangaroo's television program.

People in Japan don't usually line up for restaurants. So this has to be good.
Kim Author a year ago
I don't know the TV show, but I'm guessing if it's pretty famous that's probably what inspired the name!
Bonson Lam a year ago
This restaurant is the place to be on May 28. Why? It is National Hamburger Day. With over 300 million Americans eating over 50 billion burgers every year, this is truly iconic.
Kim Author a year ago
Perfect time for a visit!!
Bonson Lam a year ago
The burgers look amazing! I wanted to grab that burger off you when I saw it. I wonder if they have kangaroo meat patties?
Bonson Lam a year ago
Kangaroo burgers in Japan, it could happen. Actually, you can see the Southern Cross from Okinawa, so maybe an Aussie barbeque on the beaches of Okinawa could be just the treat.

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