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Capital City of Okinawa Prefecture

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Kokusaidori: the most famous street in Naha the largest city in Okinawa island. (Photo: OttoPhoto /

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Okinawa International Movie Festival

Okinawa International Movie Festival

Mid Apr

The annual Okinawa International Movie Festival is a chance to showcase both international and domestic films, and highlight the..


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Okinawa Tea Tasting

Okinawa Tea Tasting

Bonson Lam

Go back in time, somewhere in Asia, with a bukubuku tea-making class and tasting experience. After that, browse the handmade pottery..


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About Naha

Naha in the south of the main island of Okinawa is the capital city of the Prefecture and the center of business, culture, arts, entertainment and politics. Nearly all visitors will begin their visit to Okinawa by arriving at the Naha International Airport or Naha's Tomari Sea Port. The city is the most populous in the prefecture exceeding 325,000 residents.

The most popular tourist destinations in all of Okinawa are the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Naha. Shuri Castle is the fully restored primary residence and seat of power of the Ryukyuan Royal Family. The Sonohyan Utaki Stone Gate in front of Shuri Castle was the exit reserved solely for the King when departing to visit his people. The Tamaudun Royal Mausoleum is the resting place of the royals. The Shikinaen Royal Garden is the secondary residence of the Ryukyuan Royal Family used to entertain official visitors to the kingdom.