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Mikasa Matsuyama in Naha

Homestyle Okinawan food in downtown Naha

Mikasa Matsuyama is a delicious traditional Okinawan homestyle restaurant located in downtown Naha. Okinawan homestyle food includes dishes such as goya champuru (stir fried bitter melon with spam, egg and tofu), spam with eggs, yaki udon, stir fried pork (yakiniku) or ginger beef on rice. Mikasa Matsuyama serves all these dishes in a variety of forms, with a menu that is quite large and will likely accommodate all tastes. The restaurant is well known to locals and has been in operation since 1966. 

The signature Champon (Mikasa style) is a stir fried ground beef, onion and eggs dish over rice. The dish is classic comfort food and very filling as well as satisfying. Another version is the Fu Champuru, a stir fried dish with vegetables, spam and wheat gluten instead of tofu.  Other dishes include noodle dishes such as stir fried udon or somen, tonkatsu on rice, Okinawan soki soba, or sukiyaki beef. Everything is inexpensive and cooked to order. Stir fried dishes come with a large portion of rice.  Some may have a side dish of pasta salad or a shredded cabbage salad with dressing.  As dishes are large, it may be a good idea to order several dishes to share in order to try the different specialties.  Drinks include beer and soft drinks.  The staff are gracious and efficient, and the feeling is not unlike that of eating in a local grandmother's house.

Mikasa Matsuyama is located in downtown Naha and easily within walking distance to the Prefectural Office Yui Rail stop. The restaurant is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily but closed on Thursdays.  Stop here for a hearty lunch or dinner during a day out in downtown Naha. The food and experience is distinctly Okinawan and is a nice break from the more typical Japanese fare.

Getting there

Mikasa Matsuyama is in downtown Naha. It is in walking distance from the Prefectural Office Stop on the Yui Monorail.

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