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Scuba Diving on Ishigaki Island
Diving with Viking Scuba Kabira in an Okinawan paradise
Head to Ishigaki Island if you want to go scuba diving in an Okinawan island paradise.
Okinawa Peace Memorial Museum
A generation of hope and tears
Every person in Okinawa is a testament to peace. The survivors from the war, and the next generations that they brought up is a testament to their resilience. You don’t have to limit yourself to the Peace Museum, for in every town you will find stories of hope and recovery.
World Heritage Nakijin Castle
The three kings of the Ryukyu Islands
We still don't know who constructed Nakijin, though the excavations show that it was started in the 13th century. The fact that it took over a hundred years to complete meant that the generation who started it did not see it finished, but it was of such monumental importance that the next generations took over the construction as their life work.
Okinawa's International Street
Naha's Sunday rendezvous
Fall in love with Okinawa's joy through Eisa this Sunday on Kokusai dori, the International street of Naha.
The Ferry to Zamami
Enjoy the ride from Naha to Zamami-jima
Taking the ferry from Naha to Zamami in Japan's tropical island chain of Okinawa, you can enjoy views of the open ocean and of scores of beautiful islands and islets.
Zamami island
A peaceful and quiet island near Okinawa
If you are looking for a place to really get away from hustle and bustle of Okinawa and you are not planning on a luxury vacation, Zamami Island is the place to be.
Tsuboya Pottery Museum in Naha
An archive of Okinawan pottery in Tsuboya district
Uncovering Okinawan history through its pottery at Naha's Tsuboya Pottery Street
Hotel Breeze Bay Marina
Ocean view luxury in Miyakojima, Okinawa
Hotel Breeze Bay Marina: Ocean view luxury in Miyakojima, Okinawa
Onoyama Park
The best children's playground in Naha, Okinawa
Onoyama Park: The best children's playground in Naha, Okinawa
Okinawa Ocean Expo Park & Aquarium
The Kuroshio Sea, marine animal shows and more
The Okinawa Ocean Expo Park has a number of attractions, including Okinawa Aquarium which was the largest in the world until 2005, hosting 77 tanks. The largest tank is called Kuroshio Sea and is 35 meters long,10 metres high and hosts three large whale sharks and various other animals. There are also a number of free exhibits outside the Aquarium, including the Dolphin Lagoon, which has two different dolphin shows each day.
Found: 307 results