Yomitan Pottery Market

The largest pottery event in Okinawa

Venue: JA Yomitan Farmers Market Yunta Ichiba When: Feb 24th - Feb 25th 2024

Japan is home to a number of different pottery towns, and Yomitan on Okinawa's western coast is one of them. The town hosts the Yomitan Pottery Market for two days in February each year, and it's billed as the largest pottery event in all of the prefecture.

The market originally started in 1993, and visitor numbers have steadily increased over the decades – recent iterations of the event have seen impressive crowds of around 20,000 people.

Whether you're looking for a unique coffee mug, stylish vase, or a cute chopstick rest, the market is bound to have something that will serve as a cherished memento from your Japan adventures for a lifetime.

Getting there

The market takes place at JA Yomitan Farmers Market Yunta Ichiba, which can be accessed in just three minutes by car or under 10 minutes on foot from the central Yomitan (Yomitan Village Office) area. The JA Okinawa Yunta Market bus stop is out the front of the venue.


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