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Yagiya Soba in Nanjo City

Okinawa soki soba in a traditional setting

Yagiya Soba is a traditional Okinawan soki soba restaurant in Nanjo City. Okinawan soki soba is one of the quintessential Okinawan dishes and consists of stewed pork ribs in a noodle soup broth flavored with bonito, kelp and pork bones. Whereas soba in Japan traditionally uses buckwheat flour, Okinawan soba uses wheat flour and has a different look and taste more similar to udon. This beloved dish could be considered as an Okinawan version of ramen. Soki soba restaurants are ubiquitous in Okinawa and in general, are considered as excellent comfort food for good prices.  Yagiya Soba is unusual in that it is located in a beautiful traditional Ryukyu building which was built after World War II. The building has a tiled roof and has been designated a National Cultural Property. The interior is cozy and rustic with low tables and screen doors allowing for the breeze in good weather.

The menu is simple and consists of the classic soki soba with some variations. One of the unique specialties of Yagiya is a special seaweed soba. The seaweed is known as Asa and procured from the local village of Kitanakagusuku. Also excellent is the jushi or steamed rice with mixed vegetables. Yushi tofu is on the menu and this is a type of tofu which is unusual as it is not pressed or formed into the typical blocks. The texture Is more fluffy and usually it is served in a liquid broth. Side dishes that can also be ordered include mozuku (seaweed), or jimami tofu (Peanut tofu). Desserts include zenzai (a traditional red bean soup with mocha) or seasonal cheesecake.

Yagiya Soba is open from 11 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. on every day except Tuesday. It is a cash only restaurant. Reservations can be made through the Savor Japan website.

Getting there

Yagiya Soba is in Nanjo City. It is off of National Route 507 in Southeastern Okinawa. There is a parking lot for the restaurant.

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