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Niigata Festival
A weekend of traditional dance and fireworks
As with many summer festivals, the highlight of the Niigata Festival is the fireworks in the evening over the river. On Friday night, there is one of Japan’s largest parades, with 15,000 participants dancing to the same beat in summer kimonos.
Kashiwazaki Trip
Never look down on a small town
Kashiwazaki is a city located in the northern-central area of Niigata Prefecture, with a 89,000-strong population.
Gastro-Tourism in Snow Country
Foraging tour for foodies in the mountains of Yuzawa
Learn about Snow Country food culture as a local guide takes you foraging for mushrooms in the forests and mountains of Yuzawa. A private chef turns your finds into an amazing Japanese banquet paired with local wines and sake.
Nagaoka Festival
Hanabi (Fireworks) with a story
Nagaoka Festival and Fireworks a tradition since 1946 to commemorate victims of war and earthquakes.
Echigo Tsumari Art Field
An art haven in the midst of Niigata's countryside
Nestled out in the countryside of Niigata prefecture, Echigo Tsumari does not seem to be frequented by foreign travelers in the Tohoku region. A self-proclaimed art field, the space literally unites art with nature. Some pieces are even planted in rice paddies, and workers plant and collect the grain alongside these works of art.
Hiiragi Restaurant, Ishiuchi Ski-jo
The best value feed at Ishiuchi Maruyama Ski Area

Hiiragi Restaurant is on Ishiuchi Maruyama Ski Area offering a daily menu that is one of the best value lunches on the whole mountains. Good food and cheap beer.

Ramen Tenshin, Ishiuchi
BIG bowls of delicious ramen

Ramen Tenshin is a little ramen shop in Ishiuchi that serves a delicious mapo ramen.

Niigata's ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel
A comfortable hotel chain in central Niigata

The ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel offers a comfortable sleep in a familiar hotel chain in central Niigata.

Echigo-Akiyamago Driving Route
Stunning scenery along the Nakatsu Gorge
Echigo-Akiyama Driving Route - breathtaking scenery along the Nakatsu River on the Niigata/Nagano border
Snow Country Region Info Center
One stop in Yuzawa for the full guide to Snow Country
Snow Country Region Info Center in Yuzawa provides advice and information on the tourist area which includes Minakami in Gunma, Sakae village in Nagano, as well as Tsunan, Tokamachi, Uonuma, Minami Uonuma and Yuzawa in Niigata.
Found: 189 results