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Flying Dango in Iwate

Kakko Dango at Kakko-ya, Gembikei Gorge

Gembikei is well-known for its dango, or sweet rice dumpling, and at Gembikei Gorge, Iwate prefecture, you can experience the most famous of them all – Kakko Dango from Kakko-ya (aka the 'Flying Dango'). After putting your money in a basket, which sits on a cable overhanging the gorge, just knock the wooden board to signal your order request is ready. Watch as the basket gets pulled up to Kakko-ya across the gorge, and marvel as it comes flying back complete with dango and tea inside (with not a drop spilled). Dango comes in 3 varieties: goma (sesame), mitarashi (sweet soy sauce) and an (red bean paste).

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Bonson Lam 7 years ago
This is a gem Tom! What a find! I think visitors would love this!
Victoria Vlisides 7 years ago
Ha! Wow... I was thinking, what could "flying dang" actually entail! What a cool tourist attraction!
Justin Velgus 9 years ago
Charming little wonders may not bring in a huge amount of tourists, but those that go certainly remember the experience. I have wanted to go here for awhile now. It is nice to see a video of it, thanks!

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