A Funahashi restaurant with an Edo-style sushi menu

By Shozo Fujii    - 1 min read

Located in Funahashi, about five kilometers from the heart of downtown Fukui City, in an area along the banks of the Kuzuryu River, sits a sushi shop called Kikuzushi. A long time employee of a sushi shop of the same name in Tokyo, the head chef, Tachikawa-san, returned to his roots and was able to establish this second branch of Kikuzushi. It will soon be nearly 15 years since this branch of the shop opened. Featuring the beautiful flavors of local Fukui fish, Kikuzushi has become popular with the locals and is often crowded with regulars.

While the shop of course serves its Edo period style sushi, it also serves up a popular and famous dish, born in Katsuyama, Fukui, called "Tree Leaf Sushi." True to its name, Tree Leaf Sushi is sushi that is molded into a ball, topped with salmon and served on the leaves from a Japanese tungoil tree. While enjoying the sushi here, you can also enjoy local alcohol.

Getting there

Kikuzushi is about a twenty-minute walk from Morita Station.

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