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Hokuriku Shinkansen Extends to Tsuruga, Fukui

A new opportunity to explore the best of Fukui Prefecture

Zipping around Japan via the shinkansen (bullet train) network is a popular mode of transport for travelers, offering speed, reliability, and comfort. These trains provide convenient access to a wide range of destinations, and the extension of the Hokuriku Shinkansen line to Fukui Prefecture will make this even more so.

From March 16th, 2024, the route will expand by six stops:

The picturesque Tsuruga Peninsula in Fukui Prefecture
The picturesque Tsuruga Peninsula in Fukui Prefecture (Photo: Alpsdake / CC BY-SA 4.0)

The terminus of Tsuruga has plenty of fantastic destinations to discover, including the likes of Tsuruga Port, which has been a gateway of trade between Japan and other parts of Asia since the Nara Period (710–784 AD). The Tsuruga Red Brick Warehouse area is a great place to start with its history museum and numerous dining options, but there are plenty of other attractions suitable for just about anyone's interests.

For the nature lovers, Kehi no Matsubara is a stunning pine forest by the beach which has also been recognized as a Nationally-Designated Site of Scenic Beauty. Nearby, be sure to check out Kehi Shrine, home to the third-tallest wooden torii arch in Japan.

The wooden torii stands almost 11 meters high
The wooden torii stands almost 11 meters high (Photo: Takako Sakamoto / JT)

Foodies don't miss out in Tsuruga, either–as a port city there is some seriously fresh seafood to enjoy here, and a great place to get your fill is at Nihonkai Sakanamachi. The venue holds the title of the largest seafood market on the Sea of Japan coast, with around 50 shops and close to 20 restaurants where you can buy both fresh and cooked seafood dishes.

A grilled sea bream bowl from Nihonkai Sakanamachi
A grilled sea bream bowl from Nihonkai Sakanamachi (Photo: Masahiko OHKUBO / CC BY 2.0)

With some parts of the country experiencing the challenges of over-tourism, the Hokuriku Shinkansen's extension to Tsuruga is the perfect way to explore a lesser-traveled area and enjoy one-of-a-kind experiences in Japan.

Getting there

The travel time from Tokyo Station to Tsuruga Station on the Hokuriku Shinkansen is set to take just over three hours.

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