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Heritage stronghold home to washi, tansu furniture and Echizen knives

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Annual Ajimano Tea Harvest Event

Annual Ajimano Tea Harvest Event

Late May

The Ajimano teahouse in Echizen city, Fukui Prefecture, opens its doors free to visitors and conducts a tour of making Ajimano..

1 ¥500

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Shibuki Onsen Yurari 10

Shibuki Onsen Yurari

Jerome Lee

Shibuki Onsen Yurari is the only onsen resort in Echizen City in Fukui Prefecture, and has two main buildings connected by an ..

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About Echizen

Explore Echizen City, in Fukui Prefecture, and discover Echizen's famous temples and shrines, experience Echizen's traditional crafts of knife-making, washi and tansu, and enjoy eating local delicacies such as soba and Echizen crab.