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Echizen Daibutsu at Shindaiji

Japan's biggest Buddha statue sitting in Fukui!

Located in Katsuyama City, Fukui, the 17-meter-tall Echizen Daibutsu in Shindaiji Temple is the tallest Buddha statue in Japan in a sitting position (it's taller than the 14.7 meter Big Buddha of Todaiji Temple in Nara and the 13.35 meter Kamakura Daibutsu). Then why in the world is this fact unknown and the temple deserted? Because it lacks the long history that other two big Buddha statues proudly possess. It's only 28 years old (built in 1987 by a local businessman) and apparently his youth can't attract attentions from history lovers. However, once you see him with your own eyes you'll be awed by his serene beauty. He sits in a big, dark, silent hall flanked by four likewise tall Buddhist statues. The whole scene was so sublime that it left me speechless with my eyes and mouth wide open!

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