Shindaiji Temple in Katsuyama City

Gigantic temple established by a local businessman

By Takako Sakamoto    - 1 min read

On my way back home from a day-trip to Katsuyama City to enjoy carp streamers and cherry blossoms, I stopped by at Shindaiji Temple to see Echizen Daibutsu (Big Buddha Statue) for the first time. The birth of this Japan's biggest Buddha Statue in a sitting position is rather unique. It sits on the premises of Shindaiji Temple, and everything here, including Japan's tallest five-story pagoda made of concrete, was built in 1987 by a successful local businessman Kiyoshi Tada, as his reciprocation toward his hometown.

Despite its scale and gorgeous architectures, due to a short history or the lack of religious background the place is unfortunately unpopular among local people and quite deserted. However, if you love magnificent architecture and beautiful statues, you can appreciate them here to your heart's content!

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