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Sakura Festival in Dinosaur Kingdom

Carp streamers, blossoms, snowy mountains and dinosaurs

In mid April this year, a friend of mine told me about a place where I could see carp streamers, cherry blossoms and snowy mountains all together at once, in Katsuyama City. Although Katsuyama is famous for its dinosaur fossils and it has a huge Dinosaur Museum, I didn't expect to see them (i.e. replicas, not the real ones!) together with cherry blossoms. Carp streamers were fluttering in the wind over a wide and beautiful Kuzuryu River and I was awe-struck by the magnificent landscape. Looking at the life-size replica of a dinosaur in nature, with beautiful mountains, cherry blossoms made me wonder what Katsuyama was like in the Jurassic Period. Surely dinosaurs must have enjoyed living in the vast land of Katsuyama!

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