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Fukui Dinosaur Museum

One of the biggest and best in the world


The museum is closed monthly on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday. If Wednesday is a national holiday, the museum is closed on the following day instead. The museum will be closed from December 2022 to summer 2023 for maintenance and the creation of an additional building.

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If you like dinosaurs (and who doesn't!) this is a great place to visit. Well laid out and with gorgeous exhibits, the Fukui Prefecture Dinosaur Museum is a must see for anyone visiting Japan. Just a short bus or taxi ride from Katsuyama Station on the Echizen Line, plan to spend half a day here enjoying the archeology, history, and drama. One point for improvement: Although there is some, there's not enough English information here - although they do have a very good English website. Closed 2nd and 4th Wednesday monthly. Enjoy!

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