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Miyanoshita Cosmos Park in Autumn

One hundred million cosmos bursts into bloom in Fukui

Miyanoshita Cosmos Park in Fukui City is famous for its one hundred million cosmos that burst into bloom from late September to mid October each year. Endless patches of cosmos flowers sprawling over 17.5 hectares of land (10 times as large as Tokyo Dome!) with the beautiful Hakusan mountain range in the background are a sight to behold. This cosmos paradise however, is only known to local people, so visitors can fully enjoy the space and the flowers to themselves. On the day I visited it rained unfortunately, but cosmos under the rain was also beautiful and pleased my eyes. Entrance is free and free parking space is provided for visitors as well.

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Tyra 'nell Pille-Lu 8 years ago
I love Cosmos. I thought they only bloom in Summer. It's good to know they are also abundant in Autumn.
Takako Sakamoto Videographer 8 years ago
Oh, is that so Olga? Wow, I was in the belief that cosmos was a fall flower but I have to change my perception completely from now on. Thanks for the info!
Jennifer Nakajima 8 years ago
I wish I could go there too. I would love to see that beautiful cosmos flowers.
Takako Sakamoto Videographer 8 years ago
Thank you Jennifer for your comment. Please visit there when you have a chance!
Victoria Vlisides 8 years ago
I like the woman in the flowers. So pretty.
Takako Sakamoto Videographer 8 years ago
Yes Victoria, that's why I took her photo! Thanks for looking at my video!

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