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Four Seasons of Takasu Seashore

the seasonal expressions of Echizen Kaigan Coast,Fukui

Echizen Kaigan Seashore covers the areas from Tsuruga to Mikuni. On its northern part, there is Takasu Kaigan Seashore, which is located between Minami-Sugo-cho and Sanribama Beach. Takasu Beach is between Nishibata-cho and Hamaju-cho, about 2 kilometers long. The sand from the Kuzuryu River, rides here on the ocean current flowing into the arched Sanribama Beach, and is then deposited here. It took over tens of thousands of years to form the present beach. The sand is dammed in by the big protruding rocks around Hamaju-cho. The southern part of Takasu Kaigan is the rocky seacoast, where there's a famous scuba-diving spot, and also a popular area for fishing. You can enjoy viewing this beautiful seashore all year round.

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