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The Seafood of Tojinbo

Besides the cliffs, the seafood there is something else

Sure, Tojinbo in Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture may have its famous cliffs and is a major attraction for visitors to the area. However, walk along the streets of Tojinbo and you'll notice many shops and food stalls selling a huge variety of seafood.

Prices range from ¥1,000 for 3 small barbecued oysters to ¥1,200 for a huge fresh one, and ¥1,600 for a kaisen-don—a rice bowl consisting of different types of fresh sashimi.

The prices may be slightly on the high side, but rest assured that it is money well spent as you bite into those fresh, succulent morsels of seafood that are absolutely exploding with flavour.

Here are some pictures to entice your taste buds the next time you visit the Tojinbo cliffs.

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