Around 2000 LED lanterns will illuminate the night sky (Photo: 一般社団法人十和田奥入瀬観光機構)
Jul 15th
Jul 16th
Around 2000 LED lanterns will illuminate the night sky (Photo: 一般社団法人十和田奥入瀬観光機構)

Lake Towada Sky Lantern Festival

2,000 lanterns illuminating the night sky

Venue: Lake Towada When: Jul 15th - Jul 16th 2023

Running for over 50 years, the Lake Towada Sky Lantern Festival sees approximately 2000 lanterns illuminating the summer night sky in Aomori. The LED-powered sky lanterns are priced at 3000 yen each, which covers admission to the event for two people. Along with the beautiful lanterns reflecting off the lake's surface, there will also be a fireworks show towards the end of each evening -- so be sure to stick around!

For those who would like a unique vantage point to appreciate the lanterns and fireworks, there will be boat cruises out on the lake during the event. The cruises are 50 minutes in duration, and are priced at 2,000 yen for adults, and 1,000 yen for elementary school-aged students.

Getting there

Lake Towada can be accessed by bus from Hachinohe Station, and the journey takes approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes. Keep in mind that buses only run several times a day, so plan accordingly.

For those who opt to drive, there are several on-site parking lots available.


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pritesh solanki 7 months ago
We have different balloons so how to fill the form to participate in Sky lenter Festival?
Kim Author 7 months ago
I'm a little confused by the question, are you trying to bring your own lantern to the event? Not sure if they would permit that, unfortunately, from the press release/website info you purchase them at the venue. has more information about the options available.
Elena Lisina 2 years ago
I bet it's a breathtaking event! We once let just one lantern to the sky and kids were so excited! :)