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On Lake Ikeda 2 months ago
Ibusuki Sand Bath, Cape Nagasakibana, Mount Kaimon, and if you are interested in trains, Nishi-Oyama train station might be of interest, it...
On Tosenkyo Somen Nagashi Restaurant 2 months ago
Yes, it's a very nice place. Hope to have a chance to go back there again.
On Four Days in Tottori 2 months ago
Yes, it's not crowded like the big cities.
On Akkeshi Gourmet Park 4 months ago
very delicious!
On Biei's Blue Pond & Shirahige Falls 4 months ago
It is only a very small place, I only spent 15 minutes there, but the blue is a really nice blue. Everyone went "wow! wow! wow!". The color...