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On 'Ganbarō Ishinomaki' & Tsunagu-kan 2 months ago
A great place to learn about what happens and ongoing projects, concerns, etc. The Ishinomaki sign is said to be rebuilt every 5 years. This...
On Best Sporting Locations to Visit in Japan 2 months ago
Not only large and impressive, all these stadiums have quite a history! Great info.
On Dragon Art Kousyuuya 2 months ago
This video is old, but I just found it showing the amazing artist. The dragon master lives!
On Aomori's Hypnotizing Lake 2 months ago
This is a real treasure worth the visit. I went twice, but like you my trips were short. I would love to stay a day or two in the nearby hotels...
On Kyoto: My Alternative Top 3 Temples 2 months ago
Memo noted for my Kyoto revisit!