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Mt. Kamegamori
A beautiful, relaxed hike in Eastern Ehime
Enjoy Ehime's scenery with this brief but rewarding hike in the Ishizuchi Mountains.
The greenery of Kochi Temples 29-32 are good shinrin yoku, or 'forest bathing'- forest therapy.
Shikoku's Kaiyodo Kappa Museum
A fantastic 'must-see' museum in Kochi Prefecture
Shikoku's fantastic Kaiyodo Kappa Museum, dedicated to one of Japan's best-known mythological creatures, is 'must see' for anyone visiting Kochi Prefecture.
Kochi Prefecture's 'Sugi-no-Osugi'
Majestic 3000-year-old giant cedar trees in Shikoku
Kochi Prefecture's 'Sugi-no-Osugi' are a majestic pair of 3000-year-old giant cedar trees deep in the countryside of Shikoku.
Kohanyu Cafe
A riverside cafe in rural Kochi
Kohanyu Cafe is a riverside cafe in rural Kochi, not far from the famous Anpanman Museum.
Pirate Ship of Tosa?
Mysterious fishing boats floating on a foggy sea
Mysterious ships glide through the red and gold sea fog on the Sea of Tosa like a replay from the Hollywood movie, 'Pirates of Caribbean'.
Sunrise Over the Foggy Ocean
Mystic scenery at little known place on the Tosa coast
The beauty of a mysterious sunrise over the foggy sea of Tosa in Kochi Prefecture will leave you speechless!
Kamisuki Experience in Kochi
Learning Japanese paper from the master
Immerse in the beautiful scenery and the luscious greenery of Kochi Prefecture as you learn kamisuki from the master of washi, Rogier Uitenboogaart.
Searching for Ryoma 1: Katsurahama
The Kochi beach Japan hero Ryoma Sakamoto grew up on
Ryoma Sakamoto Series 1: Katsura Beach is located in Kochi city where Ryoma was born, and the place he frequented to wonder what was out there beyond the sea...
Temple #31 of the Ohenro 88 temple pilgrimage
Temple thirty one in the Shikoku Ohenro pilgrimage is also known as the Bamboo Forest Temple.
Found: 38 results