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Exploring one of Japan's 32 National Parks, Daisetsuzan in central Hokkaido. Experience a traditional Japanese hotel (ryokan) and hot springs (onsen).
Situated in the heart of Morioka, at the source of the city’s animated pulse, is Hotel Metropolitan Morioka.
A hotel with a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, a tasteful local winery, a majestic mountain, and a peaceful farm all within a one-hour driving radius sounds pretty grand doesn’t it? Welcome to Hotel Folkloro Hanamaki Towa.
Hot Spring Baths, extreme sports and mountain views: Minakami has so much to do... So why is the atmosphere so strange?
Unlike the more commercial and tourist oriented hotspots of Naoshima and Takamatsu, there is little activity here at night. No jazz clubs, manga cafes, or karaoke lounges to speak of. Actually once grandma closes the one shelf general store at 6pm, and the last ferry is gone, the pier is as still as a mirror, reflecting the moonlight above.
Airbnb will hopefully encourage you to book rooms hosted by local Japanese residents in Kyoto instead of staying in luxurious hotels. Airbnb is cheaper but still with the same 5-star customer service offered by hotels.
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