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On Canal Cafe, Iidabashi 2 months ago
A good way to end your day of strolling in Kagurazaka would be having a cup of coffee, with optionally a piece of food, at the Canal Cafe. One of my favorite places to rest and relax in spring/summer.
On Neko no Iru Kyuukeijo 299 Cat Cafe 2 months ago
Adding it to my list of cat cafe's to visit! The tabby cats look great!
On Coffee Ramen in Tokyo 3 months ago
This article gave me a good laugh, thanks! I have to say that kamaboko and eggs are pretty common in ramen, but with the rest of them, I had a "wtf" moment each time.

I will gather the courage to try and eat this exotic type of ramen. Someday.
On Koishikawa Botanical Garden 4 months ago
Absolutely stunning photos! The first photo looks great with the new layout. Thanks for sharing this!
On Autumn Colors at Hase Pond in Kobe 4 months ago
The reflections on the water are awesome! I'm going to send this to my parents, who are in Kobe now :)