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On Feel a Peaceful Moment at Myohon-ji a month ago
So nice that the head priest wanted to say something about his temple in this video! Thanks!
On Pontocho after dark a month ago
I went to Pontocho last weekend, and it has been an absolutely terrific experience. So many small restaurants, hard to choose from, a lot of sukiyaki and shabu-shabu restaurants for about 5000 yen per person. The one we went to, Idumoya (いづもや), right at the beginning of the street on the south side, has a beautiful view over the Kamogawa river. They displayed their menu samples in a spacious display, and there was much to choose from. Tatami mats cover the restaurant, so you need to have flexible knees, but they offer stools for older people to sit on. Also, at Idumoya the sukiyaki and shabu-shabu sets are only offered when you order it for at least 2 people.
On Canal Cafe, Iidabashi 4 months ago
A good way to end your day of strolling in Kagurazaka would be having a cup of coffee, with optionally a piece of food, at the Canal Cafe. One of my favorite places to rest and relax in spring/summer.
On Neko no Iru Kyuukeijo 299 Cat Cafe 4 months ago
Adding it to my list of cat cafe's to visit! The tabby cats look great!
On Coffee Ramen in Tokyo 5 months ago
This article gave me a good laugh, thanks! I have to say that kamaboko and eggs are pretty common in ramen, but with the rest of them, I had a "wtf" moment each time.

I will gather the courage to try and eat this exotic type of ramen. Someday.