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On Painushima Ishigaki Airport 3 years ago
Going there this week-end! Maybe good to mention that there are buses every 15 minutes from Ishigaki Airport to the harbor, where most of the...
On Feel a Peaceful Moment at Myohon-ji 3 years ago
So nice that the head priest wanted to say something about his temple in this video! Thanks!
On Pontocho after Dark 3 years ago
I went to Pontocho last weekend, and it has been an absolutely terrific experience. So many small restaurants, hard to choose from, a lot...
On Konnichiwa & Sayonara in Japan 3 years ago
Haha, I really hope he does not. Probably this: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/yada_yada_yada
On Canal Cafe, Iidabashi 3 years ago
A good way to end your day of strolling in Kagurazaka would be having a cup of coffee, with optionally a piece of food, at the Canal Cafe. One...