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Four Days in Tottori
Fun in the manga kingdom and sand dunes
Japan's manga kingdom and its only sand dunes are found in the least populous prefecture, Tottori
24 Hours in Shibuya and Harajuku
What to see if you're short on time
Short on time in Tokyo, but don't know what to see? Check out our guide to the very best attractions in Shibuya and Harajuku.
Meiji Chocolate Factory
A dream of pure chocolate
The Meiji Chocolate Factory is conveniently located between Osaka and Kyoto on the JR Kyoto line, in Takatsuki. You can’t miss it, as the world’s biggest chocolate coloured bar is located right next to the train tracks.
Cycling on a Single Ladies Course
Taking on a course unfit for strapping boys
Two unfit men conquer a cycling course around Kyoto titled "Single Ladies Course" in a guide book.
The Charms of Kichijoji
Including a lake, some history, and tomato ramen
Kichijoji is a charming town meriting its reputation as the place where most Japanese want to live.
Christmas in Tanabe
Home for Christmas after all
Tanabe with its warm people and interesting temples, historical streets, makes for a homey place to be in at Christmas.
Nostalgic Nijo
The Shogun’s palace
A visit to the Shogun's Palace. An extract from “Revolutions: Wandering and wondering on a sabbatical year”.
First Time Japan: 5 Things Not to Forget
5 essentials for your first time in Japan
So you've booked your tickets and made a list of temples to visit, but have you considered these five essential things?
Takamatsu Temple Countdown
Old Tiger Henro 13
The last few temples before completing the Henro might be the toughest.
The Japanese Language Barrier
Don't just survive the language barrier, break it!
My experience moving to Japan without knowing any Japanese, surviving the language barrier, and slowly starting to break it.
Found: 105 results