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Yajiro Kokeshi Mura
Where craftsmen create Kokeshi dolls
Yajiro Kokeshi Mura is an interesting place where one can watch the process of making a Kokeshi doll and also learn about its history and purchase the dolls by local artists.
Tsukishima Neighborhood of Tokyo
Quiet district with malls and a special monja dish
A visit to a district in Tokyo that specializes in monja and offers good shopping.
Keep The Change
Reflections on a month of solo travels in Japan
Reflections on Japan after a month of solo travels.
47 Ronin Memorial in Tokyo
Remembering the samurai at Sengakuji Temple
The memorial to the legendary 47 Ronin at Sengakuji Temple in Tokyo.
Ito Town at the Edge of the Earth
Quiet & peaceful vacation by the Pacific Ocean
If you want to enjoy a quiet vacation by the ocean, Ito is a good choice for that!
Solo Senior Woman Traveler in Japan
Hopefully helpful tips
Travel tips geared to senior women traveling alone in Japan, a rare brave group. Tips based on experience to enhance comfort and enjoyment.
The First Twenty-Four Hours
A newcomer's first impression of Japan
Japan newcomer Anna van Dyk recounts her first twenty-four hours in the nation's capital city.
My Journey to Mt. Fuji
One may need patience & good luck to see in full glory
The experience of traveling to see the iconic Mt. Fuji in Japan
Feeling the Higashiyama Culture
Part 1: The First Encounter with a Samurai
First impression of the Higashiyama Culture and an encounter with a samurai in Kyoto.
Hitachi Seaside Park from Mito Town
Journey to the beautiful flower park from a small town
A visit to Hitachi Seaside Park, a beautiful flower park, from a small town of Mito, which is famous for a traditional Japanese garden and house.
Found: 75 results