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Tokushima Temple Goofy Capers
Old Tiger Henro: Part Three
Adventures using public transport on the Shikoku Henro.
Understanding Japan's cuteness culture
Kawaii is everywhere and with everyone in Japan. Understanding the roots, history, and impact of it makes it even more rewarding to observe it.
Tokushima Awakening
Old Tiger on Shikoku Henro: Part Two
Stage One of the Shikoku Henro at Ryozenji in Tokushima was an awakening, in many ways.
Kamikochi Alps
A fairytale-like forest away from busy city life
What to expect from an autumn trip to the Kamikochi Alps in Nagano.
My First Visit to Japan
The first impressions
Coming to Japan for the first time, one may be confused but adapt in few days!
Old Tiger On Shikoku Henro
Part One: Osaka to Tokushima
A day in Osaka, stores, history, then bus ride to Tokushima, the start of the Shikoku Henro Pilgrimage.
Wasabi Special
A very special plant in Japan used in many ways
Special place for those who like wasabi - you should visit it!
Narita Town
Interesting place for a 1-day visit
Narita is not just an airport, but a nice town with Naritasan temple and Japanese garden.
The Nihon Minkaen in Kawasaki
An open-air museum of old houses
Nikon Minkaen is an exposition of historical houses collected from all over Japan, now settled in Kawasaki.
Ken Oshima: Youth of Tokyo
Meet the man capturing Tokyo's youth culture
Ken Oshima is one of Tokyo's most up and coming social media stars. Find out more about him here.
Found: 86 results