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Asakusa Culture Tourist Information
A superb view at tourist center's free observation deck
Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center has a view deck worth visiting and it is absolutely free.
Exhibit of quirky animals & creatures made by artists
“Fantanima!” is not just an exhibition, but an event with an amusing opening ceremony and various master classes offered by artists. At the classes, anyone can learn how to make artistic pieces following the artists’ instructions from the kits.
Riding through Central Japan
First motorbike experience with Rental 819
A weekend ride through the roads of Central Japan with a Harley Davidson, thanks to Rental 819.
St Mary's Cathedral in Tokyo
Impressive architecture and quiet spot for contemplation
St. Mary's Cathedral's architecture will impress you with its simple, modern and minimalist structure.
Sumiyoshi Taisha of Osaka
The opportunity to watch people and traditions of Japan
Sumiyoshi Taisha of Osaka is a very popular place to visit for special occasions like Hatsumode (first visit to a shrine on New Year), weddings, and “introducing” newborn babies.
Fuji Rock Festival 2016
20th anniversary, countless bands, one city boy's experience
Fuji Rock Festival 2016, had its 20th anniversary this year at the Naeba Ski Resort in Yuzawa, Niigata prefecture. Headliners include Sigur Ros, Beck and the Red Hot Chili Peppers
A Month as an Intern
In the buzzing and eccentric city of Tokyo
Looking back on the amazing and unforgettable month I spent exploring Tokyo
Fuji Miracle
Wonderful flower park in Ashikaga
Visit the Ashikaga Flower Park to view Wisteria, also known as the Fuji flower. It is an interesting place for people who like flowers and gardening as you can view great variety of flowers, as well as purchase some.
Dolls of Japan/Nihon no ningyo desu
Different types of collectable dolls produced in Japan
Some notes about Japanese dolls that could be useful for doll collectors.
Kobe Animal Kingdom
Wonderful flower and animal park at Port Island
Kobe Animal Kingdom, formerly known as Kobe Kachoen, is a flower and animal park located in Port Island of Kobe city.
Found: 65 results