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Traveling to Japan as a Vegetarian
Challenges and restaurant recommendations
Traveling in Japan as a vegetarian or vegan can be challenging, so here are a few restaurant recommendations to get you started.
Japanese Seasonal Cuisine
Every season is a treat for your taste buds
Japanese seasonal cuisine is a treat for your taste buds and for sure you'll find something you've never eaten before.
Clueless at Kabuki-za
The Dummy's Guide to Enjoying Kabuki
Recommendations of a non-expert on how to enjoy Kabuki.
What I Eat In Japan
Seasons, price differences help unlock a healthy diet

Food In Japan! What do expats eat?

Day Trip: 4 Places In Chiba City
Lots of action, with little travel distance in between

Tokyo is an alluring mistress on the weekends, but as I learned during this weekend, staying in Chiba can be a lot of fun, too.

Let Me Take You to Japan
Enjoy your trip to Japan through these pictures

I came up with this idea to produce desktop wallpaper images to share with the JapanTravel community.

Climbing Mount Fuji
Or how not to do it
Climbing Mount Fuji via the Yoshida Trail from Kawaguchiko 5th Station, watching the sunrise from the summit and descending the Gotemba Trail.
Street Snacks of Japan
Affordable munchies for a richer experience

Some Japanese snacks are much better enjoyed on the street. Let's get some

My First Sushi Lesson
Decorative sushi making: A delicate but doable craft!
My first sushi lesson: Making futomaki-zushi was a ton of fun!
The Best Free Resources to Learn Japanese
The tools every self-learner needs to get better in Japanese
You've decided to learn Japanese. Now you need to figure out how to study. Here you'll find the best free resources to learn Japanese: grammar, kanji, dictionary, everything you need.
Found: 31 results