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Bring Home a Piece of Japan
A short guide on selecting souvenirs
A short guide on selecting snacks, art, and experience as souvenirs from Japan!
An Oasis of Serenity in Ito
Hike up the cliff and feel the town
Spending a day or two in Ito town where the spectacular nature sets as a way to recharge yourself. The vibe of the town is tranquil yet warm. It's like you have stumbled upon to an oasis, where you can lose yourself in there for a while and enjoy the serenity.
Zao Fox Village
Shiroishi's cute fox Reserve
On Mt. Zao near the Kawarago Dam in Miyagi Prefecture sits an animal reserve specializing in foxes known as Fox Village.
24 Hours in Shibuya and Harajuku
What to see if you're short on time
Short on time in Tokyo, but don't know what to see? Check out our guide to the very best attractions in Shibuya and Harajuku.
The Japanese Language Barrier
Don't just survive the language barrier, break it!
My experience moving to Japan without knowing any Japanese, surviving the language barrier, and slowly starting to break it.
How To Eat Vegetables In Japan
Without the meat surprises
There are moments during a trip to Japan as a vegetarian that you want to sit down and order something off the menu with certainty that there will be no surprise meat involved in the preparation or presentation of your food. Here are my 5 tips to try and take the stress headaches out of eating vegetarian / vegan in this wonderful country.
Eight Travel Apps For Japan
Download these for a stress-free holiday
Japan is a very organised country. Everything happens for a reason and at a certain time. To help make sense of the public transport system, news, food, language and stay safe there are a number of applications you can download.
Ten Tips For Train Travel in Japan
To help you look less like a tourist
Trains are the main mode of transport here in Japan. They will take you from A to B via C and loop round to D if required. The systems in place to facilitate the public transport system take some getting used to, however they are worth it as everything is on time. Here are some of my tips to save your time and sanity.
Enlightenment In Ehime
Old Tiger Henro 7
The third stage of Enlightenment in Ehime: Part 7 of Old Tiger Henro's Shikoku Pilgrimage.
Tokushima Awakening
Old Tiger on Shikoku Henro: Part Two
Stage One of the Shikoku Henro at Ryozenji in Tokushima was an awakening, in many ways.
Found: 116 results