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Baseball at Meiji Jingu Stadium
Catching the Tokyo Yakult Swallows vs Hanshin Tigers
My experience at a Tokyo Yakult Swallows baseball match at Meiji Jingu Stadium
Sushi Police Anime and Tour
An "animated" tour of Tokyo's sushi scene
A tour of Tokyo's sushi scene, from the traditional to the innovative, based around the Sushi Police animated series.
How to Survive Hanami Season
What you need to know to beat the Sakura-loving crowds
Three essential tips for first-time Hanami viewers on what to expect
Chasing Cherry Blossoms
A love letter to an all-time favourite memory
The Japanese go insane over cherry blossom season and now I know why. Here's what it's like to do hanami in Japan.
Mobile Snack Vendors-Thing of Past?
Japanese equivalent of neighborhood ice-cream truck
Near Tobu Minami Utsunomiya Station, we flag down a white truck loaded with firewood and stove calling out yaki-imo (sweet potato). An aproned man smiles and greets us.
Visiting My Umpteenth Temple
They are not all the same
A short story on why temples are not all the same and you should seize every chance and visit them whenever you find one.
Hiking in Ome
Accidentally discovering nature in Tokyo
How I accidentally discovered nature in Tokyo because I lost my way while I was trying to find a shrine.
Finding Hope in Broken Places
Fifth anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake
This year marks the fifth anniversary of the tsunami. In Japan, there is an age old festival called Shichi-go-san, literally seven five three, which is a rite of passage for children, marking their third, fifth and seventh years on this earth, from an earlier time when many children did not survive these milestones.
Battle Armor Experience in Tohoku
From a festival with over a thousand years of history
My experience wearing battle armor in Fukushima from one of the oldest festivals in Japan with over one thousand years of history!
Solar Agripark in Fukushima
Teaching the community about renewable energy
Where five houses had been swept away in the tsunami five years ago, now stands Fukushima Solar Agripark dedicated to teaching future generations about solar power and other forms of renewable energy in Minami Soma, Fukushima Prefecture.
Found: 44 results