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Kobe Animal Kingdom
Wonderful flower and animal park at Port Island
Kobe Animal Kingdom, formerly known as Kobe Kachoen, is a flower and animal park located in Port Island of Kobe city.
10 Reasons to Love Japan
Learn why you should visit this amazing country
Have you ever noticed how many people are totally crazy about Japan? Whether it is Japanese art, fashion, advanced technologies or anime, there is always something new and exciting to be discovered about this country. Japan seems to draw more and more tourists every year. Are you wondering why is Japan so popular? Let me introduce you to the ten things that make it a unique travel destination.
Ghost Town or Onsen Town in Gunma?
Minakami losing gusto or getting its groove back?
Hot Spring Baths, extreme sports and mountain views: Minakami has so much to do... So why is the atmosphere so strange?
My Okinawa World Adventure
An overall local Okinawan culture experience
Okinawa World is the best place to go to for authentic Okinawan culture.
Don't Miss Japan's Summer Festivals
Immerse yourself in the thousands of "matsuri"
Summer matsuri in Japan are a joyous way to enjoy Japanese culture. You can wear a traditional yukata robe and experience parades, street food, dancing and games.
Airbnb Experience in Kyoto
A cheaper but comfortable accommodation when in Kyoto
Airbnb will hopefully encourage you to book rooms hosted by local Japanese residents in Kyoto instead of staying in luxurious hotels. Airbnb is cheaper but still with the same 5-star customer service offered by hotels.
Cheap Ways to Travel Japan
Exploring different ways of bringing down travel costs
Exploring cheap travel options when visiting Japan
Awesome Birthday at Robot Restaurant
The most mind-blowing birthday celebration I had in Tokyo
Robot Restaurant is truly the most awesome and fascinating Tokyo experience. It was my best birthday ever in my favorite city!
Interning at Japan Travel
A reflection from London to Tokyo
The JapanTravel internship is a dream opportunity for anyone looking to dip their toes into travel journalism.
Health Care Japanese Style
The facts about Japan’s Health Care System
Experiencing excellent Japan's health care system first hand. Dispelling the myths.
Found: 56 results