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The Yunohira of Yore
An Ode to Tora-san
A traveler discovers that his long-cherished Shangri-la, Yunohira Onsen in western Japan's Oita Prefecture, is still toying with his heart. Yunohira is on the route to the famous Yufuin resort, but not nearly so easy to find.
Henn-na Maihama Hotel, Tokyo Bay
A look into the future
Henn-na Maihama Hotel Tokyo Bay: A hotel run by robots near Tokyo Disney.
Cruise Under a Canopy of Sakura
Cherry blossom viewing at the mouth of Meguro River
View the one of the most cherry blossom spots from a different angle, by taking a cruise down Meguro river.
Not Just a Tourist, Part 1
A better understanding of Japan
Learning common things in Japan gives the chance to understand the country better.
Narai Post Town
Traveling back to the Edo Period
Narai is one of the best preserved post towns of the Edo Period on the Nakasendo route.
All That Glitters is Gold
Kyoto’s Golden Pavilion
Article extracted from "Revolutions" about travelling in Japan. This time we cover Kyoto's Golden Pavilion.
Yudanaka Shibu Onsen
Peaceful place in the mountains to relax and rejuvenate
Yudanaka Shibu Onsen is a historic town famous for its hot spring water. It's a good place for short vacation.
Exploring Japan with Friends
See Japan through another set of eyes
Learning Japanese traditions and visiting places with the help of friends in Japan.
The 5 Hardest Things About Japanese
Learning a new writing system, context, counting, speed
From the complex writing system and opposite sentence structure, to the similar sounds and sheer speed at which the language is spoken, there are quite a few things about learning Japanese that are difficult, especially for a native English speaker.
The Green Tea Fields of Shizuoka
A historic green tea cultivation region with a view
Shizuoka is one of Japan's most famous tea cultivation regions—and for a good reason, too!
Found: 162 results