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A Nihonbashi Summer

Tokyo summers can be brutally hot, and sophistication is hardly a word that comes to mind as you stand drenched in your own sweat even when you're barely moving. But there are pleasures to be had in every season, if you know where to look for them. At Nihonbashi, it is possible to enjoy the best of the season, harnessing wisdom handed down from the Edo Period on ways to stay refreshed.

Fuji Rock Festival 2018

Fuji Rock 2018 was held at the Naeba Ski Resort in Yuzawa, Niigata prefecture that saw N.E.R.D., Kendrick Lamar and Bob Dylan as headliners

Lost Sacred Wolves and Wolf Worship

Sacred Wolves were lost to us long ago. Despite becoming extinct, shrines associated with wolf worship are increasing in popularity today.This is a simple guide to the practice, as well as to a famous Wolf Shrine

The Craft Makers of Okazaki

Many cities in Japan have their own history and art culture, and Okazaki in Aichi prefecture is no exception. Some of Okazaki's traditional crafts include the making of stone monuments, taiko, Japanese candles, figurines, and fireworks. There are also traditional food products such as hatcho miso, local sake, rice crackers and more.

The Power of Travel

In Japan, it’s not hard to find a place with incredible views and delicious food. But what makes a place different is meeting with fabulous people living there. This is the power of travel.


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