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Nikko Town and Nikko Tokanso Ryokan
A traditional ryokan from Nikko Station
Traditional Japanese ryokan and its facilities and the walk along the main street of Nikko Town.
Tokyo Walks: Akihabara
A district full of meaning for the anime fan culture
Akihabara is a famous district of central Tokyo with lots of electronic shops and a mecca for anime and manga fans.
Tokyo Dome City
The entertaining and shopping City in central Tokyo
Tokyo Dome City is an entertaining and sopping city in the center of Tokyo with attractions, restaurants, musical fountain, spa LaQua and what not.
Another article extracted from “Revolutions”. A visit to Hiroshima.
Four Days in Tottori
Fun in the manga kingdom and sand dunes
Japan's manga kingdom and its only sand dunes are found in the least populous prefecture, Tottori
Christmas in Tanabe
Home for Christmas after all
Tanabe with its warm people and interesting temples, historical streets, makes for a homey place to be in at Christmas.
First Time Japan: 5 Things Not to Forget
5 essentials for your first time in Japan
So you've booked your tickets and made a list of temples to visit, but have you considered these five essential things?
Soft Serve Ice Cream
All flavors and colors under the rainbow
Apart from chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavors, fruity ones like blueberry, grape, mango, orange ice creams, uniquely Japanese ones like black sesame, green tea, roasted green tea, are also found in shopping districts. It is not uncommon to find a shop selling more than ten flavors. An ice cream shop along the popular Asakusa Shopping Street in Tokyo has thirty flavors, and one shop at Kintai Bridge, Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture has a whooping hundred flavors!
Kamikochi Alps
A fairytale-like forest away from busy city life
What to expect from an autumn trip to the Kamikochi Alps in Nagano.
My First Visit to Japan
The first impressions
Coming to Japan for the first time, one may be confused but adapt in few days!
Found: 143 results