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Sake Etiquette
Are there rules for enjoying sake?
Japan is a nation in which courtesy is greatly valued. To make sure that you have a fantastic sake drinking experience with your friends, here are some tips and hints on how to serve and receive sake.
Pairing Sake with Food
Sake doesn't fight with food!
Sake is not limited to Japanese or even Asian cuisine and is very complementary to Western, European and fusion cuisines. Sake doesn't fight with food!
What Is Sake Made Of?
Learn about sake's 4 key ingredients
Learn about the four key ingredients of sake and how they contribute towards the final flavor of the drink!
Discounts for Tourists in Kobe
The Kobe "Welcome Coupon"
Find out how to obtain discounts for your trip to Kobe in 2017-18! Your guide to the Kobe "Welcome Coupon."
Nagasaki Itinerary
Sun, sea and history in western Kyushu
Guide to Tokyo's Ginza
Japan's premier shopping and dining
Ginza is Tokyo's and Japan's premier shopping and dining district. There's something for everyone. It's a designer label mecca but there's also traditional shops, retro cafes and alleys crammed with casual eateries.
Cycling Guide for Tokyo Area
Discover Tokyo on two wheels
Sometimes, when you are just tired of walking, you need another means of transport! Cycling is very popular in Japan and it is a great way of discovering the city from a different perspective.
Travel Tohoku With a JR East Pass
Go the distance with unlimited rides for any five days
Are Japan’s transportation costs causing you to hesitate visiting the country? Well don’t fret! The JR East Pass for the Tohoku area has you covered.
Tips for Seeing a Baseball Game
At Kobo Stadium in Miyagi Prefecture
Tips and tricks on how to get the best out of a baseball game in Japan at Kobo Stadium in Miyagi Prefecture, home of the Rakuten Eagles.
Be Beautiful with Minon Amino Moist Skincare
Discover the secrets of Japanese skincare with this ideal souvenir
For centuries, Japanese women have been known for their luminous complexions. It is said that the custom of washing one’s face and retaining moisture started from the Paleolithic age.
Found: 90 results