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Cherry Blossoms at Kofu Castle
Reflections on the fleeting beauty of spring
Castle ruins in Kofu city with lots of cherry blossoms.
Spring Views Over Lake Miyagase
Pretty lakeside picnic spot at Toriibara Fureai-no-ie
Enjoy beautiful springtime views over Lake Miyagase from this road station and lakeside park.
Rustic Spring Beauty in Enzan
Photo walk from Enzan JR Station to Erinji
4 kilometer photo walk between Enzan JR Station and Erinji Temple
Spring Festival at Erinji
Enjoy sakura at Yamanashi's most famous temple
Spring festival held at Erinji Temple in Enzan every year on April 12th. Erinji Temple is famous for its cherry blossom.
Yamanashi Cherry Blossom Guide
Head for the best sakura spots in Yamanashi this spring
Guide to some of the best cherry blossom viewing spots in Yamanashi Prefecture
Erinji Temple in Autumn
Ladies in kimono, drying persimmons and lucky light
Stopping to take autumn photos at Erinji Temple in Yamanashi.
Jazz Statues in Kobe Kitano
Reminders of Kobe's history of jazz music
Why you can see statues of jazz musicians in Kobe Kitano.
Autumn Hiking in Nishizawa Valley
One beautiful vista after another
Hiking the Nishizawa Valley is especially beautiful in Autumn.
Shopping For Local Awaji Flavors
Tempting souvenirs at Higashiura Terminal Road Station
Souvenirs and local produce on sale at the Higashiura Road Station on Awaji Island.
Exploring Kitano Ijinkan in Kobe
Tangible traces of European influence in Taisho Japan
Kobe Kitano is an area once inhabited by influential foreigners living in Japan at the start of the Twentieth Century.
Found: 350 results