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Exploring Kitano Ijinkan in Kobe
Tangible traces of European influence in Taisho Japan
Kobe Kitano is an area once inhabited by influential foreigners living in Japan at the start of the Twentieth Century.
Walk Through Chinatown in Kobe
Red lanterns and fried dumplings near Sannomiya Station
Glimpses of Oge Island in Naruto
A late summer stroll around Naruto-cho Tosadomariura
Late summer photos of rural Naruto-cho Tosadomariura on Oge Island
An Evening in Hiroshima
Sunset views of the Atomic Bomb Dome
Views of the A-Bomb Dome in Hiroshima on the evening of a beautiful sunset
Lake Onuma and Akagi Shrine
Red shrine and bridge in beautiful Gunma scenery
Red Akagi Shrine stands on the shores of Lake Onuma surrounded by beautiful Gunma scenery.
Fujinomiya Trail on Mount Fuji
Strong wind on the shortest, steepest Mount Fuji ascent
Climbing Mount Fuji to the Seventh Station on the Fujinomiya Trail, where strong winds made us decide to turn back.
Haruna Shrine's Fabulous Dragons
Ancient Gunma shrine crawling with dragon carvings
The wood carvings decorating Haruna shrine in Gunma include many dragons.
Lunch and Drinks at Pan-no-Mimi
Popular Hakone restaurant for lunch or afternoon tea
Cute Hakone restaurant Pan-no-Mimi has hearty delicious food like seafood gratin served in a bread case.
Kakumanbuchi Marshland
Beautiful natural scenery at Mount Akagi in Gunma
Marshland area and small lake at Mount Akagi with beautiful natural scenery in every season.
Nikkō National Park
One of the best day-trips from Tokyo
Day spent sightseeing in Nikkō National Park at Tōshō-gu, Kegon Falls, Lake Chuzenji, Lake Yunoko and Ryuzu Falls.
Found: 350 results