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On Jizake-dokoro Tachibana Liquor shop 5 days ago
There might be tasting, but I didn't see when I was there. 20 kg is nothing, we can't take many things from Japan, can we?
On Kyushu Scenic Train Route a month ago
Do you know why the seat called "Isaburo Shinpei?" I have a kind of idea of "Hayato no Kaze" as Hayato = a man from Kagoshima.
On Kusasenri Plateau a month ago
Have you been there in winter? It changes to white with snow and many kids make kamakura.
On Lake Ezu a month ago
The lake is quite big, isn't it? Many school kids go for a picnic, too.
On Mizuakari Festival in Kumamoto 6 months ago
Hi Olga, it will be on 8-Oct & 9-Oct this year (2016). Here is the link - http://mizuakari.net/page/2 . Thanks for asking!