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On Mizuakari Festival in Kumamoto 3 months ago
Hi Olga, it will be on 8-Oct & 9-Oct this year (2016). Here is the link - http://mizuakari.net/page/2 . Thanks for asking!
On Lake Ikeda 5 months ago
Was the water clean? The lake looks huge and I feel like to job around the lake.
On Kosoyu Bathhouse in Yamashiro Onsen 5 months ago
The glass windows look like influenced by Art Deco a bit.
On Kobori Shuzo Brewery 5 months ago
The shop looks beautiful and I have tried one of their sake - Kiku no Shizuku. Sake with gold flake reminds me of Kaga!
On Suizenji Park 6 months ago
Did you eat "ikinari dago" from the shops on the arcade? That's also famous food in Kumamoto. I hope the park would be filled with water again...