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Restaurant Yuwa 6

Restaurant Yuwa

Yui Yamaguchi

Yuwa is where you can eat favorites like piroshiki and borscht. The restaurant looks like it has been renovated from a house giving..

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Asoji 6


Yui Yamaguchi

Asoji is where people in the know come for tanaka meshi. a traditional rice dish with pickled vegetables.

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Sonrise Cafe 7

Sonrise Cafe

Yui Yamaguchi

Sonrise Cafe is run by an Australian couple and many events are organized. Try their Illy's Italian gourmet espresso coffe..

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Whole Square 9

Whole Square

Yui Yamaguchi

Whole Square is under management of Marubishi, a food trading company, where you can find Japanese as well as Western cake ingredients,..

Okada Coffee

Okada Coffee

Yui Yamaguchi

The Japanese are meticulous about coffee, from researching the origin of coffee beans to the degree of roasting, milling, extr..

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