Hitoyoshi Onsen Bussankan

Filled with all charms of Hitoyoshi

By Yui Yamaguchi   Jun 17, 2018

This is the Hitoyoshi Onsen Artisan Produce Hall, which you should stop by after a trip to Aoi Aso Shrine. The steam rising from the side of the building is a welcome sign for visitors from near and far, being for the foot spa and an advertisement for the nearby Hitoyoshi hot spring. It is a wonderful space to relax, a place to soak tired or cold feet, and be invigorated by the naturally warm waters.

Suitably beatified, it is time to step inside the produce hall or Bussankan, where there are rows and rows full of local specialties, combining traditional folk art and crafts in form of Kijiuma and Hanatebako. The former used to be a ride on toy, being a pheasant on wheels, while the latter refers to a small keepsakes box drawn with brightly hued red Camellias.

A variety of food produce is also available here, such as Hitoyoshi tea and Kuma jochu, the latter being a rice-distilled spirit unique to the region.

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Bonson Lam 3 weeks ago
The Hanatebako boxes are a real work of art and a reflection of the traditions and culture of this undiscovered part of Japan. Shaped from the Paulownia or Empress tree, tradition dictates that when a girl was born, a sapling is planted, and once matured its timber made into a kimono chest for her wedding day.
Kim B 4 weeks ago
I'm hoping to be able to visit Kumamoto at some point later this year. The shochu set looks awesome!
Bonson Lam 4 weeks ago
Well, someone has to enjoy the beautiful "water of life" as some Kyushu people put it. I am sure you enjoy everything in moderation. https://en.japantravel.com/kumamoto/reizan-sake-of-kumamoto/12012
Bonson Lam 4 weeks ago
I love how traditional folk art and crafts are combined in the form of Kijima and Hanatebuko. The former used to be a ride on toy, being a pheasant on wheels. While there are variants of this toy throughout Kyushu Island, the Hitoyoshi variant has two wheels with round pine tree wheels attached. I wish I could play with that when I was a child.
Yui Yamaguchi Photographer 4 weeks ago
You can still play with children. Those crafts are so vivid, aren't they?