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On A Girls’ Day Out in Shinjuku a week ago
It's honestly great! There were so many other great places I wanted to include, but there was no room. (You can get your hair set in a really...
On A Girls’ Day Out in Shinjuku a week ago
Third time's the charm? ^^
On Golden Gai Golden Tips 3 weeks ago
Yes, apparently they're quite strict and react quite strongly if you don't follow their guidelines. Even Japanese TV stations have difficulty...
On Tour of Three Cities: Kiryu, Takasaki & Shibukawa a month ago
It's really a beautiful place! The town is picturesque and the view of the snow-capped mountains in winter is spectacular.
On The World Heritage Sites of Shingu 4 months ago
Your photos are so gorgeous! Shingu is definitely an underrated place to visit.