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On A Taste of Iwate 2 weeks ago
Thanks for the comment, winter in Iwate is kind of short only about 3-4 months, December to March, so plenty of time to visit in between. My...
On Sato Yosuke Udon Restaurant, Yokote 2 months ago
For me the museum was half the attraction. Waiting around is well worth it.
On The Akita Nairiku Line in Winter 2 months ago
Looks like fun, I was there last week, I took a short video of the train passing by kitahinokinai station.
On Paper Balloon Festival in Senboku 2 months ago
Thanks Bonson, I spent 3 days with Mr Sawadaishi thanks to you. I have several stories more to come in the near future.
On 'Ganbarō Ishinomaki' & Tsunagu-kan 3 months ago
I didn't know about it. I have to visit it on my next trip there. I have found memories of Ishinomaki, I first cycled there in 2009 with my...