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On Magome to Tsumago 3 days ago
Unfortunately, Magome & Tsumago are over 230 kilometers from Kyoto, with no direct train access, so it is impossible to do a day trip there....
On Kyoto: My Alternative Top 3 Temples 6 days ago
Great choices! Otagi Nenbutsu-ji is my very favorite temple in Kyoto due to all the rock carvings there.
On Flowers at Hondo-ji 7 months ago
Visited this temple for the first time recently. One of the most beautiful combinations of hydrangea and irises that I've ever seen! Even...
On Destination Ota City - Photo Contest 8 months ago
The photos are now on the Ota Ward website. Unfortunately, the photos aren't labeled, so even if I wanted to visit one of the locations, I...
On Oasahiko Jinja 8 months ago
On a recent visit to this shrine, we saw a troop of monkeys playing on the meganebashi (eye glasses bridge) and in the pond below it!