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Hamanako Benten Resort “The Ocean”
A unique hotel that remains in my memory
Good hotel with great views and location.
Miyajima Aquarium Specialties
Interesting touch with animals
Special shows of sea lions and penguins at Miyajima Aquarium.
Yamashita Park of Yokohama
A park with fountains, sculptures, and water cascades
Yamashita Park located in Yokohama is a special design of water cascades and is good for a family to walk around in
Festival Treats
Traditional Japanese takeaway food
It's worth to try food during festivals in Japan!
Wasabi Special
A very special plant in Japan used in many ways
Special place for those who like wasabi - you should visit it!
Unique Ornaments in Japan
Traditional trinkets and more!
The photos of traditional and typical ornaments that can be seen all over Japan.
Yajiro Kokeshi Mura
Where craftsmen create Kokeshi dolls
Yajiro Kokeshi Mura is an interesting place where one can watch the process of making a Kokeshi doll and also learn about its history and purchase the dolls by local artists.
Tokyo Skytree and Asakusa at Night
A starry sky and mysterious walk
Night view from Tokyo Skytree and a walk at Asakusa after-hours.
Komainu Lion-like Statues
Guarding the entrance of many Shinto jinja
One can meet Komainu lion-like statues in many places in Japan, so they are one of the symbols of Shinto sacred places.
Pink Dream of Hitsujiyama Park
The spring flowers in Chichibu
Spectacular flower beds made from tiny flowers called "Shibazakura" that could be seen in Hitsujiyama Park in the end of April - beginning of May.
Found: 66 results