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The Green Tea Fields of Shizuoka
A historic green tea cultivation region with a view
Shizuoka is one of Japan's most famous tea cultivation regions—and for a good reason, too!
Another Side to Izu
Home of wasabi, early-blooming cherry blossoms and more
The Izu Peninsula is famous for hot springs and beach resorts, but there's so much more to the area once you look beyond the surface.
Seiken-ji Temple in Shizuoka
A historic temple with beautiful grounds and gardens
In the suburbs of Shizuoka in central Japan, Seiken-ji is a beautiful, atmospheric Buddhist temple, with hundreds of statues in the grounds, and stately rooms opening onto a tranquil Zen garden.
Akunami Shrine in Fujieda
Enjoy the atmosphere of a peaceful, historical shrine
In Fujieda in the suburbs of Shizuoka in central Japan, Akunami Shrine is an ancient, historical Shinto shrine.
MOA Art Museum in Atami Reopens
Grand reopening exhibition of ancient traditional art
The MOA Museum of Art in Atami, a resort town on the Izu Peninsula in Japan's Shizuoka prefecture, has reopened after an eleven-month closure for renovation, and is holding a Grand Reopening Exhibition to celebrate.
Boutique Hotel Yutorelo Atami
Perfect choice for a relaxing getaway in Izu, Shizuoka
Yutorelo Atami is a lovely boutique hotel that offers ocean views, excellent service, delicious meals, and boasts a wonderful open-air hot springs bath.
Joren Falls
One of 100 most beautiful falls in Japan
Joren Falls: One of 100 most beautiful falls in Japan
Tomari Business Hotel in Fujieda
A convenient, cosy and affordable place to stay
In the suburbs of Shizuoka City in central Japan, Fujieda Tomari is a well located, cosy and good value business hotel.
Bankyaku-In and the Fujieda Kannon
A hillside temple with an impressive tall statue
In the countryside near Fujieda in Japan's central Shizuoka prefecture, Bankyaku-in is a Buddhist temple with a tall, impressive statue of the Goddess of Mercy.
Shirafuji Falls near Fujieda
Enjoy some unspoilt natural scenery near Shizuoka
Near Fujieda in Japan's central Shizuoka prefecture, Shirafuji Falls is a place to escape the city and enjoy some totally unspoilt natural scenery.
Found: 257 results