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Hamanako Benten Resort “The Ocean”
A unique hotel that remains in my memory
Good hotel with great views and location.
Day Trip to Mt. Kintoki
View of Hakone caldera in its full beauty
One-day trip to Mt. Kintoki
Daikei-ji Temple in Fujieda
An important temple with unique carvings
In Fujieda in the suburbs of central Japan's Shizuoka city, Daikei-ji is an appealing Buddhist temple with a host of interesting features.
MOA Art Museum in Atami Reopens
Grand reopening exhibition of ancient traditional art
The MOA Museum of Art in Atami, a resort town on the Izu Peninsula in Japan's Shizuoka prefecture, has reopened after an eleven-month closure for renovation, and is holding a Grand Reopening Exhibition to celebrate.
Boutique Hotel Yutorelo Atami
Perfect choice for a relaxing getaway in Izu, Shizuoka
Yutorelo Atami is a lovely boutique hotel that offers ocean views, excellent service, delicious meals, and boasts a wonderful open-air hot springs bath.
Tomari Business Hotel in Fujieda
A convenient, cosy and affordable place to stay
In the suburbs of Shizuoka City in central Japan, Fujieda Tomari is a well located, cosy and good value business hotel.
The Cute Statues of Ito
Cute little figures you'll find around the town
On the east coast of Japan's volcanic Izu Peninsula, the hot spring town of Ito has a number of cute statues topping fountains dotted around its streets.
Public Art in Shimizu
Enjoy spotting the statues around the town
In the streets of Shimizu, a suburb of Shizuoka in central Japan, you'll find a range of interesting, sometimes unusual statues and sculptures.
Taga-jinja Shrine in Izu-Taga
A quaint old neighbourhood shrine
In Izu-Taga near Atami on Japan's Izu Peninsula, Taga-jinja is a leafy, peaceful shinto shrine.
Kiyomizuyama Park in Shizuoka
An attractive green space near the centre
In the middle of Shizuoka in central Japan, Kiyomizuyama Park is a relaxing green space, a lushly forested hill that's also home to an ancient Buddhist temple.
Found: 312 results