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Kimikura Cafe

Kimikura Cafe

Kim B

Kakegawa's Kimikura Cafe is located within the grounds of Oike Park. The cafe serves up a range of tea-based drinks and sweets..

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Hamamatsu City Centre 21

Hamamatsu City Centre

Elena Lisina

In the centre of Hamamatsu City you can visit the Museum of Musical Instruments as well as ACT Tower with its observation deck,..

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Fujinomiya City 21

Fujinomiya City

Elena Lisina

There are two important places in Fujinomiya connected with Fuji-san – Mt. Fuji World Heritage Center and the Fujisan Hongu Se..

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Shizuoka's Green Tea

Shizuoka's Green Tea

Cathy Cawood

Shizuoka Prefecture is a great place to visit tea farms and factories and learn more about green tea. 40 percent of Japan’s te..

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